Hello and welcome!

Super short version:

I am Ryan Decker and I'm an author, blogger, and life coach. I write and coach about personal growth, career development, leadership, entrepreneurship, and marketing. 

Long-winded version:

For five years I worked as either an account development manager or account executive for a few different software companies. Like many others in software sales, I stumbled into this great profession because of the people, the lifestyle, and learning opportunities. Sales was appealing to me, not because I didn't have any interests, but because I am definitely a multipotentialite. I have always had a lot of different interests. In fact, I switched my major 6 or 7 times until finally graduating with a degree in Russian. I often joke that I got my major in "reading." It turns out, that was the best course of study for me because reading books opened up an amazing world to me. I started dreaming about one day starting my own business, coaching leaders, and writing about becoming a master of your craft. 

Then I read this quote:

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

It was time to put that statement to the test. For the past ten years I had developed the habit of journaling every day. So about three months ago I decided to start sharing some of my journal entries on this blog. I wrote about all kinds of things: life, reading, mindfulness, philosophy, personal and career development, marketing, entrepreneurship, traveling, and culture. I love learning so this blog became a way to pass on what I learn to others. It turns out other people like to learn as well. That's when I started to do more. 

The decision I had made, the one I wanted the universe to conspire to make happen for me, was to become a full-time writer, founder, and coach. So a month ago I quit my well-paying job to pursue my dream. I began coaching entrepreneurs, leaders, sales people, and others looking to set and accomplish big things. I am passionate about goal setting, list making and journaling and have since created a proven goal-setting framework utilizing these three powerful methodologies. I am also working on a few books and courses to help more people launch ideas and achieve their goals.

I now blog every day about topics that will hopefully help you become really good at what you do. 

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn where I post most of my writing. You are also welcome to follow me on Instagram where I regularly post about my travels, bike rides, and time with my lovely wife, Hannah.