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No. 600 / Your recruiting pitch

Nike lost Steph Curry to Under Armour because they assumed that their brand would "sell itself.” The recruiters came in overconfident and underprepared. They not only mispronounced his name a number of times but also showed a lack of true interest by scheduling their meeting in the middle of other pitches.

It only got worse from there. The keynote presentation featured Kevin Durant’s name—apparently, someone forgot to edit the slides from the previous pitch. After that, everyone in the room lost interest.

Under Armour may not have been the flashy choice for a signature shoe at the time, but for Steph, it was the right choice. And the rest is history.

The point is, details matter—and so does your pitch. Just because you have a strong employer brand doesn’t mean you’ve automatically won the sale. Treat your interview, presentation, meeting, or conversation like it’s the most important thing on your calendar because it is. People notice the little things. A small investment in preparation beforehand always pays off down the road.