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No. 539 / Your essential day


It’s what takes up your day. Not going to the gym, writing your book, reading, or traveling—urgent. It’s you spending your time on other people’s to-do list (aka: email).

Here’s the problem, the urgent never stops. It will never stop. There will always be that pesky notification that directs your attention elsewhere. It never ends! And it’s a tragic short-term game.

So, what really deserves your attention? The urgent? Or the important?

Here’s something I’ve tried recently: write down your ideal day. Meaning, if you found the time, had enough sleep, felt great, what would your ideal day look like? Then ask yourself, what is something essential in my life that I’m not investing enough in right now? Then ask, what is something non-essential in my life that I am over-investing in right now? Modify your ideal, essential day accordingly. Then try to get as close to it as possible.