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No. 676 / You didn’t get rejected,

you got re-directed to something better.

Maybe it wasn’t a good fit. Maybe you wouldn’t have lasted long, anyway. Maybe (positively) there is something better out there. 

There have been many instances in my career where difference options, for whatever reason, didn’t work out. I remember one of them was for a company I really wanted to work for. Sure, I didn’t have the right qualifications, but I was sure I could learn quickly. I knew many of the employees at the company and we all got along really well. But, ultimately, they went with someone else. It’s interesting, though, because about 3 months later, that person they hired instead wasn’t there anymore. Who knows, maybe that could have been me. If they did hire me and I didn’t meet their expectations I, too, could have been let go and might have a bad outlook on that company. But, instead, I got redirected into something I feel like is a good fit and it all worked out. 

This isn’t just “looking at the bright side,” it’s about being pragmatic about your career situation. There are lot’s of opportunities out there. It’s not the end of the world if this one doesn’t work out.