Yelling and listening

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One of Aesop's most cherished fables is a story concerning a competition between The North Wind and The Sun. They want to decide which one is stronger between the two. So they spot a traveler and challenge each other to see which one of them could make him remove his coat. 

The North Wind goes first and blows with all its strength. But the harder it blew the more the traveler wrapped his coat tighter to keep warm. It was now the Sun's turn. The sun shone bright and, before you knew it, the traveler got hot and removed his coat. 

Kindness, gentleness, and persuasion win where force fails. It does you no good to yell. People will either ignore you or yell back. 

The same moral could be applied to marketing. Putting your email in all caps, making the logo bigger, flashing bright lights on a giant billboard—doing something to make people do something—don't work. Yet, our first thought to make our idea spread usually has to do with some form of yelling. 

Instead, try listening. Listening helps you diagnose before you prescribe. Listening allows you to be gentler, kinder, and understand what you need to do to persuade. 

When you listen first, you earn attention. When you yell, you are only making people resist you more.