Work like an editor


Here’s what I mean: there are thousands of things you could be doing, but there are only a select few things that can be deemed "important." 

The job of an editor is to hack away at the non-essential in order to bring out only the best. Successful editors have a knack for sorting through countless possibilities and proposals and selecting the one thing (or few things) that will make the most sense and have the greatest impact on what they are doing. 

Work like an editor. That is to say, do things that will make life as effortless and simple as possible for those you serve (i.e. work for). An editor of a book might do things (add structure, subtract frivolous details) to make the message more clear. An editor of a sales organization might limit the number of messaging tools to drive focus. An editor of an email campaign might simplify the use of graphics to ensure it’s addressing the correct audience. As an editor of your life, you might reconsider if that object really is bringing you joy or if that pursuit really is worth your time and energy.

Condense, correct, and clarify—wise words to live by. It’s not just about activity, it’s also about meaning. It’s waiting, observing, enabling, empowering—then stepping in only when necessary.