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No. 634 / Work in paradise

It’s awful. There is sand everywhere, the people are rude and demanding. It’s not always sunny like you think it is. When the sun is out, it’s unbearable. It’s long, hot hours. And it’s the same thing, day in and day out. 

Complain like this to the guests and they’ll just roll their eyes. How could you possibly be miserable working in paradise? 

I guess every job is like this. Every job is hard. There is monotony and there are challenges. But it’s only a job if we view it that way.

What if, instead, we treated what we do as a privilege? What if, no matter the job, we took pride in what we do? Be it sweeping sand off the sidewalk or translating legal documents? Something that seems like menial work to you might be a pleasure to others. 

There’s a significant difference between the people that approach what they do as a job and the people that regard it as a privilege… the latter go places.