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No. 547 / Work and learn

For the most part, our days can be broken down into two parts: 1) work and 2) learn.

In other words: 1) create and 2) consume.

Now, ‘working’ doesn’t always have to mean ‘completing tasks for your day job,’ and ‘learning’ doesn’t always have to mean ‘reading’ or ‘studying.’ When you are drafting an email, cooking a meal, updating Salesforce, teaching a principle, spending 1:1 time with someone, you are working. Similarly, when you are reading, listening to a presenter, taking feedback, playing a game, asking questions, you are learning.

We are either creating something or consuming something.

The problem is, too many of us choose to work on things that have little impact and learn things that are of no relevance.
What will you choose to create?
What are you choosing to consume?