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No. 402 / Why?

If you look back at your life, there is a pattern. Seemingly random, interconnected dots that have created a portrait of you who are today. There are things you have really enjoyed doing and things you have not. You have been “drawn” to learn important things, acquire certain skills, and meet specific people. Through experience and time, you have developed into a person influenced by the things you have done, seen, heard, and thought. The accumulation of these thoughts and experiences have translated into your “why.” 

Why do you get up in the morning? What causes you to do what you do? Why do you like or dislike certain things? What motivates you to push harder, improve, or stand up for something? 

Taking some time to reflect on your “why” is one of the most important things you can do. Sunday’s are great days to do this. If you know your “why” you can lead, teach, inspire, mentor, innovate, disrupt, learn, create, save.

You may already know your “why” but what does that look like in terms of your goals? Articulating your “why” can help guide you to set proper goals and design your life. Try going to some quiet place today instead of turning on Netflix to write down why you do what you do. Take even more time to set some goals for yourself. Then put those goals somewhere you can see them every day. You will be rewarded for your efforts.