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No. 186 / Who's the bottleneck?

Nobody wants to admit that they're the reason things aren't functioning smoothly. Which is why it's so easy to place blame on others and outside circumstances. 

It's crucial to take time for some personal reflection. What if you're the holdup? What if you're the one that's not communicating clearly? What if you're the human bottleneck? 

A human bottleneck is someone that gets in the way, preventing things from moving forward. This could be in a workplace environment, a relationship, or in your own neighborhood. 

The thing is, human bottlenecks are often very smart people. People who think they have all the answers. People who hire smart people then tell them what to do. People who have a hard time trusting anyone to "do it right." People who are unwilling to learn from others or increase their knowledge in other areas. 

At some point, we may find ourselves being the human bottleneck that slows everything down. At which point it's important to not point fingers, but rather, "take a look at the man in the mirror and ask him to change his ways."