Where have all the pickpocketers gone?


When I visited New York City 10 years ago, I was always warned about 'pickpocketers.' I buttoned and zipped up every pocket I had and made sure everything I owned was securely fashioned to my body in one way or another. Thankfully, nothing was ever pickpocketed, but I heard stories, lots of stories. 

Fast forward to now, I've lived in NYC for 3 months and not once have I heard of anyone getting pickpocketed. Of course, people still steal things. As long as people are leaving things out and not protecting their stuff, people will take advantage. But people aren't pickpocketing anymore. The market has learned. Someone who might have been a skilled pickpocketer 10 years ago, is probably running credit card scams or hacking into some weak system. 

Jobs never go away. For every industry that will surely be replaced by AI, there will be tenfold other industries that emerge and countless other jobs that will be created. 

Think about it this way, if Shakespeare were alive today, what do you think he would be doing? Would he have a blog? Would he be writing marketing copy for a software company? Or maybe he would be writing movie screenplays?

What about Picasso? Dickens? Edison? Da Vinci? The point is, the medium isn't as important as the person. Markets change. Industries shift. Jobs disappear. New opportunities appear. Disruption is the new norm. 

It's coming, in fact, it's here. What are you going to do about it? Pretend like it's not happening? Or innovate? Move quickly? Not just adapt but create new problems to solve?