Where growth happens


But first, where it doesn't happen. The strongest trees don't grow by themselves. The healthiest wildlife don't live in national parks. And the best athletes in the world don't spend their time practicing with people less-talented than they are.

Growth happens where there is discomfort. Tell me how much discomfort you experience on a daily basis and I'll tell you how successful you are. Make the choice to do things others aren't willing to do—the uncomfortable things, the things that take people from good to great—and you can be certain that you are growing. 

Here's a trick to get you started: where you lack internal control, implement external restraints. Say yes to interviews, presentations, and deadlines. Set goals each day to do something that gets you out of your comfort zone, something that scares you. Set alarms, reminders, and limitations. Put your phone in the other room. Don't buy a TV. Carry around cash. What are some other restraints you could implement—that might make you feel uncomfortable—but will definitely help you grow?