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No. 403 / When you're near the end...

Our greatest threat lies at the finish line. It’s when victory seems inevitable and there’s nothing that can stop you now. It’s when you are the most vulnerable. It’s when you have let your guard down. It’s when your ego steps in and takes over. 

Like a football player dropping the ball right before the goal line to celebrate. Like the Trojans allowing a giant horse into their walls as a token of surrender from the Greeks. Like Odysseus taking a nap when Ithaca was in sight only to have his men open a bag of wind and blow his ship back across the very oceans, they had already sailed. 

There are two forces in the universe: one that wants you to succeed and one that doesn’t. They both know WHEN you’re about to strike gold, to cross the finish line, to be victorious, and they both are telling you two very different things. The first is pleading for you to push a little harder, focus a little more, and be extra cautious near the end. The second is puffing up your ego, turning up the dance music for the celebration party, and telling you to relax; “look! The finish line is in sight!”

You’ve made it this far. Which force are you listening to? Now is not the time to nap, celebrate, or prematurely drop the ball. Those can all come later, but not yet. Not until you have crossed the finish line.