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No. 552 / When disruption distracts

What you’re doing isn’t new. It’s be done before. Others have tried it in different situations under different circumstances. It’s worked for some, failed for others. But why should that stop you from doing it? From trying something similar?

People have this strange fear that they can’t write the book inside their head, speak up about a trending topic, or build something that already exists. The idea of ‘disruption’ looms in our wantrepreneurial minds. If we can’t create something ‘game-changing’ or ‘groundbreaking,’ then why bother?

Here’s the thing, do it anyway. Of course, it’s been done before. But if you look hard enough, everything’s been done by someone before us. What we need from you is your unique take on the subject. Give us your version. That’s what we’re most interested in.