What's in it for me?


That depends, are you an investor? Or a miser? 

The miser hoards. He holds onto all that he has because his time is too valuable to share. His money is in too short of supply to give. And his gifts are too rare to be understood. The miser knows that he has nothing else going for him. This is his final play. He avoids failure at all costs and embraces insufficiency. He calls it a lack of confidence, everyone else sees it as selfishness. 

The investor isn't concerned about "what's in it for me." She knows that the more she gives, the more she gets back. Perhaps not in the way she expected, but certainly in a more satisfying way than originally imagined. The investor is generous and genuine. "What's in it for her?" Nothing. But "what's in it for her" always happens as a result of constantly adding value to people.