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No. 13 / What happened when I told my boss I was quitting my job to start a business

As soon as I told my boss I wanted to quit my job and start a business, it was like I was telling the universe that I'm ready to take on new opportunities and responsibilities. My boss was very supportive and even offered to help connect me with like-minded people. 

People I hadn't talked to in months contacted me. I started having conversations about how I help people become entrepreneurs. The more conversations I had, the more I knew about the problems people were having. I gained more and more insight into the problems I wanted to solve and how I wanted to solve them, merely because my mind now had more space to work. 

My health started to improve. My relationships grew stronger. I became excited to get out of the bed in the morning to take on the day. 

Now, of course, there have already been a few hiccups along the way, but what do you expect? It's supposed to be hard. Nothing worth having comes easily. Could this also just be a result of starting a new venture? Could be. But I genuinely feel like I have a story to tell and a problem to solve. And I'm ready to solve it. 

Moral of the story here: commit to something. Once you do, things will start to fall into place simply because you have decided who you are and what you stand for.

Remember, the only real kind of failure in life is when we think too small, live too unauthentically, and don't try something we're passionate about.