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No. 77 / What are you most afraid of?

That’s a sure way of finding out what you should be doing. If you feel like you are paralyzed with fear, then you’re probably on the right track. The reason why is because fear is typically a really great indicator, letting us know what we should be doing. 

Pay attention to your fears and even write them down. The more scared you are of something, whether it be work or a calling, the more you know you have to do it. Turn fear on its side. Use fear against itself - as a source for good, a source for understanding what you have been called to do. The fear won’t go away because you are almost welcoming it. Invite fear in and let it divulge all of the hidden secrets and talents about yourself. 

If you find yourself being bored more often than not, it means you aren’t experiencing fear and it means you’re not living your purpose. Doing things that scare you, reveal you. Embracing your fears helps you develop because there is no growth in comfort and no comfort in growth. Living in your comfort zone keeps you there. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, and remember, that it never really gets any easier, you will only become more capable.