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No. 643 / We’re all in sales

Even if you’re not among the 15 million sales professionals in the US, you’re still in sales. You might not have a commission or a quota but you still have something that needs to be sold. You’re selling your idea, even if it seems like a minuscule one. You’re selling techniques, epiphanies, time, and other resources. 

The best in any business are always those with the keenest sales skills. No matter what your title is or what you think your job might be, anyone and everyone can benefit from sales training. 

What’s one thing you can do to develop your ability to sell? Have more empathy! Sales is about persuasion and influence. If you don’t know what your buyers are going through or can’t empathize with their pain, you’ll never connect with them or understand what problems they need solving. 

What’s another thing you can do start selling better? Follow those who know what they’re talking about: Daniel Pink, John Barrows, Jake Dunlap, Collin Cadmus, Sam Nelson, Morgan Ingram, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jill Konrath, Jeremey Donovan—just to name a few…