Week 9 '16 reflection

Week 9 '16 reflection

Without knowing where you’re going, how are you ever going to figure out what to do? 

Have a vision. Dream Big. Be careful what you wish for. 

I listened to this podcast my Tim Ferris where he interviewed Debbie Millman. She talked about this thing she had her students do, called “The five-year plan for a remarkable life.” She had them write down (in pros) everything they wanted. If they knew they couldn’t fail, what would their life look like? No limitations. No restrictions. What would their day-to-day life consist of? 

That’s what I’ve done here. But first I started by defining my purpose and articulating my mission. Then, after my four-year plan, I wrote down my bucket list—which is a list of things I want to do in my lifetime, not in the next four years. 

Another note: With this type of system, I don’t set yearly goals (although I do a year-in-review). I know where I want to be in four years and the type of person I want to be today. I do, however, Set 90-day goals. Where I basically focus on one object from my four-year plan and develop a plan to accomplish that goal. 

I also set weekly goals and reflect on those goals each week. Each week, I go back and look at my purpose, my mission, and my four-year plan to a remarkable life. I then ask myself “what can I do this week to move the needle?” Then, finally, I set daily goals. 

I also have a habits section which helps me understand what it takes to accomplish these goals. 

Also, considering it’s leap day, I thought I would do this every four years instead of five. Just seemed like a fun thing to do on leap days. 

My purpose (the why)

Help others become successful through my writing, teaching, mentoring, expressions of love, and example so that, together, we can all fulfill the measure of our creation. 

My mission (the how)

My mission is to fulfill my purpose by:

  1. Developing SPIRITUALLY on a daily basis. Loving the Lord, your wife, family, and those around you. Always following the example of the savior and building the Kingdom of God on earth. Continually bringing to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, obeying the promptings of the Spirit concerning the will of the Lord for you and your family. Keeping the commandments. Having faith. Having hope and charity. 
  2. Having PASSION for what you do. Constantly seeking to find joy in your life and helping others find joy in there’s. Having righteous hobbies and passion projects that inspire you and those around you. Working hard. Being spontaneous. 
  3. Continually GROWING. Always be developing your mind and body. Pushing your intellect to new heights. Being in physically and mentally great shape and healthy while mixing in a moderate dose of competition. Having fun. 
  4. Having a VISION. Preparing well for the future. Setting goals. Being financially independent. Working hard and becoming proficient in your profession. Following your heart and the Spirit so that you are doing something in line with your aptitudes and interests. Being honest in your dealings, capitalizing on career opportunities that are placed before you. Building a strong network by helping others become successful. Being anxiously engaged in each project and moment
  5. Being INFLUENTIAL. Making a difference in the world. Being the type of person people can look up to. Always serving others. Leaving behind a legacy. Striving to inspire with what you say, do, produce, think, write, act like, live like, be like. 

My four-year plan for a remarkable life

Today: Monday, February 29, 2016. I am 25 years old. 

4 Years from today: Saturday, February 1, 2020. I will be 29 years old.

I am a well-known, respected, and loved, author, blogger, coach, and entrepreneur. After quitting my software sales job, I started blogging and coaching people online and in person on everything from personal growth and career development to marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurship. Although it took a while for things to pick up, and it required me to have a job at a company in the city for some time before I was making enough to go full time, we have been able to maintain the lifestyle we want while living where we want and still being able to work on this passion project of mine. I now have clients from all around the world. It keeps me busy. But I love what I do. Hannah does all of my design work and we work well together. She got a job in NYC and that really allowed her to shine. She has since been able to work mostly from home doing freelance and working on her own passion projects along with my design work I need to be done. I also have 3 other employees. We travel a lot together as a team. While traveling, we never miss an opportunity to check out the best places to eat. Traveling so often also allows me to explore other ventures such as photography, learning languages, and getting new ideas. Hannah has usually traveled with me, but lately, she has been working more from home because we just had a baby, Julia. Hannah is an amazing mother. I am trying my best to be a dedicated father and loving husband. 

I have a podcast where I interview successful people and ramble about things that peak my interest or stuff I notice. I have published 10 courses and 2 books and am now working on my third. I make 83k/month from my courses, blog, companies, affiliate marketing, and books. I make around 10k a month from my coaching. My favorite thing about what I do is my blog and my podcast. I have never missed a day blogging and it get’s around 1,000 views a day. I have over 100k subscribers. 

Hannah and I moved to New York City two years ago and can’t imagine living anywhere else. We love the city. We love the people, the energy, the food, the art. I love biking around the city. It inspires me every day to be something greater and always improve. I have also started a design firm with Dave and Hannah, and working on opening up a bike shop.

Our townhouse is a beautiful, modern, craftsman-style home with a lush, green yard and has a spectacular view. Our home has big windows and we love our neighbors and ward. Our home is an open-layout with an office and fun living/kitchen area. Our home has 3 bedrooms and we recently finished redecorating it so that it feels like a modern Danish/Dutch style interior: wood floors, rugs, shelves, posters, low lighting, exposed brick, modern furniture and a place to hang our bikes. We are in our element where we live. I get to ride my bike through the city and into less populated areas. We have embraced living in the city and love that kind of lifestyle of going to museums, shows, restaurants, free things around the city, and of course the park which we live so close to. 

When I am not writing, researching, working on my other businesses, or coaching, I am riding my bike, exploring new things with Hannah, hanging with the kids, cooking, playing soccer, tennis, basketball, or traveling. 

We are very active in our ward, involved in many activities and callings. We feel like we belong here. We go to the temple often. Hannah is so wonderful with the people and we feel like we are doing a great work where we live. We go back to Utah quite often to visit, but it’s always nice coming back home. 

Other random things: I have now visited over 30 countries, I still read around 200 books a year, I blog every day (as mentioned), I have a book on the NYT bestseller’s list. I have eaten at 3 3 star Michelin restaurants. We have a dog. I speak at conferences now. I have 3 bikes. We don’t own a car. 

My bucket list

  • Have a family
  • Visit over 100 countries
  • Visit all 50 states
  • Speak 5 languages
  • Live in NYC
  • Run a marathon
  • Bike a century
  • Write a bestseller
  • Start a 100-million dollar company
  • Personally earn 10 million dollars in a year
  • Open a scholarship fund
  • Serve a mission with Hannah
  • Always live my mission to the end

90-day objective(s)

  • Double my income by getting a new job. 
  • Get your first coaching client.


  • Do things to always have the Spirit to be with you: read the scriptures daily, pray multiple times a day, serve, do things (or don’t do things) when prompted by the Spirit. Bear testimony. Go to the temple monthly. 
  • Always be learning. Read every day. Study languages often (a few times a week). Listen to podcasts, audiobooks. Take courses. Listen to others. Take notes. Teach what you learn.
  • Get to bed at a decent time each night. Have a routine: Tidy, floss, brush teeth, pillow talk, family scriptures, and prayer, read. No TV
  • Wake up early. 5:30 am when possible. Never later than 7:00 am. Have a routine: Wake up, make tea, blog, work on the current project, workout, review affirmations and goals, review the day. 
  • Forget yourself and go to work.
  • Create more than you consume. Less TV. 
Mondays on Purpose with Purpose

Mondays on Purpose with Purpose