Medium matters

Sometimes, all it takes is a change in medium.

For the past two years I’ve been posting (almost) everyday on my blog. My goal never has been to generate revenue or gain a massive following, but rather, write about the things I observe on a daily basis. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t look at the analytics. Because one day I’m going to start selling stuff and, of course, I’m going to need people to sell to. Long story short—this week I saw an awesome spike in subscribers, followers, page views and traffic in general. All it took was a shift in how I produce content. I simply started writing my posts onto Linkedin (in plain text) and hit publish. Some of my posts saw 100x the engagement of my next-best performing posts. It’s been really fun and I’ve already seen some great opportunities come in.

Moral of the story here, location matters. You might be an incredible singer, athlete, actor, writer, coach, but if you never use your talent, no one will ever know. And, even if you are using your talent, but in front of an unappreciative audience or in a close-minded environment, you may never see real improvements or exciting opportunities come your way.

Medium also matters. You might be doing all the right things but just using the wrong tools. A/B test it. Experiment. Keep failing until you get it right.

On a related note, it’s taken us a few months, but Hannah and I are finally starting to take more advantage of living in the city. We are visiting more museums, going to more events, and trying new experiences. But it’s exhausting. New Yorkers love work. They take great pride in working hard and long hours. That’s the environment we are in so we, too, are ‘keeping up with the New Yorkers.’ But we have also realized that that’s where we are in life. This is our NYC/work phase. And we’re embracing it.

What I’m reading and learning:

Book I'm reading: The Liar in Your Life: The Way to Truthful Relationships. I’ve been on this psychology kick recently. I find these kinds of books fascinating. It’s about deception. But it’s also about the culture in which we live. A notable quote so far: “strangers lie to each other about three times in the first ten minutes of meeting each other.” It makes you think about how ‘we’re all just playing the game.’

Something I’m trying: Doubling down on my content creation. Linkedin is for tips, tricks, and trends in the world of hiring, recruiting, and organizational culture, my blog will continue to be focusing on ‘goals, mindfulness’ and ‘getting really good at what you do.’