Week 7 '18 reflection

I’ve said this before, (then again, I’ve said a lot of the things I write before), but there is something amazing which happens when you decide. The universe really does seem to conspire to make it happen. 

Not that we were looking for a sign or anything (okay, maybe we were:)), but we felt like as soon as we decided, with absolute surety, what we wanted to do, opportunities opened up. I got a freelance job that will not only serve as a second income for me but also an introduction to the company I want to work for in the city we want to move to. Hannah also had a former boss from where she interned reach out and wanted to “catch up.”

It’s a small thing, but it means a lot. Clarity can make all the difference. When we know what our priorities are and if our daily actions are leading to something, then we feel more fulfilled and “on top of things.” 

In other news, we ate at The Manhattan Restaurant which was spectacular, Hannah had a few soccer games, I chatted with my parents, and we enjoyed a weekend hanging out with my sister. 

Here are my goals (and priorities—but haven’t decided what I’m going to call them yet) for next week:

Week 8 '18 goals

1) Blog daily

2) Workout 3 times for at least 30 minutes (yoga, bike, run or home workout)

3) Freelance: finish website, create sales outreach plan (email that plan), manage t-shirt project

4) Read 1 book/nail a daily study routine

5) Finish converting blog posts

Next week, part of my weekly reflection will be reflecting on how I did with these goals and priorities and whether or not I need to change them or define them differently. Because, now that I think of it, a lot of these goals are also like “to-do’s” so I’ll need to think about and study how I want to do weekly goals. I also have a feeling that a lot of my weekly goals will most likely be very similar to previous weeks. So stay tuned :)