Week 5 '18 reflection


There’s this painting by Norman Rockwell:

It's called "Lift up thine eyes."

Rockwell, when asked what inspired him to paint this depiction of New York, said: "I was showing the America I knew and observed to others who might not have noticed."

This is one of my favorite paintings, not just by Norman Rockwell, but all-time, by any artist. 

I keep thinking about it. Especially this past week, for some reason. Maybe it's because I’ve been watching Mad Men and have been thinking about how much life was different in the 60's. Or maybe it's because I've been thinking a lot about how things really aren't that different. 

People still go about their daily lives, always in a hurry to get nowhere fast. 

Hannah and I had the opportunity to live in New York in the summer of '16. We went to this same church in Manhattan. People may have been dressed differently. They may have had different worries on their minds. But their primary desires were/are the same. At a very basic level, we want the same things people did 50 years ago. The details have changed, but the principles remain. 

The weather has been so nice, I've been riding my bike more. Hannah had two soccer games this week. She also went to Park City this weekend to work on a magazine she has been doing with some of her former classmates. Not only that, but she's been working hard to complete a few freelance projects, all while working a full-time job. 

I've made some great progress on my projects. I've been working with some amazing clients who have been able to see improvement and my resources page on my website (not yet published) along with my goal-setting course are coming along. 

Start with "why." That's been the theme of this week. As Bill Walsh would say: "Even when you have an organization brimming with talent, victory is not always under your control. There is no guarantee, no ultimate formula for success. It all comes down to intelligently and relentlessly seeking solutions that will increase your chance of prevailing. When you do that, the score will take care of itself." In short, know your purpose and live it, the end result will turn out in your favor.