Week 49 ‘17 reflection

This week I have really tried to focus on my morning routine. I know that’s what I did last week, but I’ve made some modifications. I now try to wake up at 5:30 every morning—even the weekends—not just because it’s a trend right now and everyone is talking about it, but because there is something powerful about starting the day with intention. I then make my morning tea (usually peppermint or lemon ginger) then do a headspace and pray. After that, I immediately put on my workout clothes and start either spinning on the trainer or doing a p90x. After an hour workout or so, I make a protein shake, shower, get ready, review my affirmations and goals, then begin writing. By this time it’s 7:15 or so. Then I write for the next twoish hours. I can usually write a blog post and work on my course and book all before 9:30—when I begin my work day.  

Something that has really helped my narrow my focus and nail my morning routine is the book: The Miracle Morning for Writers by Hal Elrod and Steve Scott. This isn’t just a spin-off Hal Elrod’s bestseller The Miracle Morning (okay, maybe it is), it’s a practical guide and a jam-packed resource for designing your ideal morning routine. It has helped me gain a greater understanding of how our habits drive our success, not necessarily our goals alone. He has books that would be helpful for any profession, really. So I recommend checking them out. 

It’s hard to imagine there only being 3 weeks left in the year. Why is it that time seems to move so slowly from day to day, but so quickly from week to week, month to month, and year to year? Time is a precious commodity that I often take for granted. I live in the future more often than I should. I like to daydream and envision how I want my life to look. I believe there is a power in doing this, but it has, at times, taken me out of the present. This week has been full of happy moments: decorating the Christmas tree, playing pinochle with the family, shopping in Salt Lake City, visiting the American Fork Puppy Barn, a dance concert, and sushi for dinner. But my mind has also been thinking about the future: where will we move to? Are we to buy a house in Utah or move to another city? Should I take that job? If I do, does that mean we are committed to that city? How can I grow my business from 1k/month to 5k/month in revenue? Is this meant to be a side-hustle for a few more years until I finish more content and establish my name? Or is it worth still working on full-time? Lot’s of things to think about. It’s what makes this time in my life enjoyable, I guess. Thank goodness I have Hannah by my side to help me enjoy the moment and the small, simple things. Maybe it’s time for another trip somewhere, too...

Some other things I’ve been thinking about: 

  • I think I’ll start using my own photography for these blog posts, instead of using Unsplash. It might take more time to publish, but I think it would be worth it.

  • On that note, I want to start adding quotes I use on my blog to my Instagram, I think it would help integrate the two platforms.

  • With this whole bitcoin craze, I have just one thought: Life in the fast lane.

That’s all. 

Happy reflecting,