Week 38 '18 reflection


One of my biggest insights lately is this: “if you are saying yes to one thing, what is it you are saying no to?”

This question has come to mind time and time again. And it just seems to get more and more relevant the more I think about it. Whether it be working with candidates and clients, or talking to friends and family, there are so many applications.

Time is our most valuable resource. There isn’t enough time (or even resources) to do it all. So what are you prioritizing? Your time matters. Your sanity matters. Your health matters. So act accordingly.

I say this because things are getting crazy. It’s the end of the quarter and our office is in full two-minute drill status right now. And we have a big trip coming up and some other family things going on. So I’ve found myself saying no more. At first, I’ve felt guilty. But then I’ve realized that it’s actually quite liberating. I’ve been an advocate of saying yes. But saying no is way more difficult. It’s a skill that requires a ton of practice. My best piece of advice: decide now what you are going to say yes to and no to. This blog post might help.