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No. 411 / Week 36 '18 reflection

My advice to anyone feeling the Sunday/Monday Scaries? Write. Blog, journal, do something that allows you to reflect on the week, think about how things are going in the different areas of your life and set some goals for how you want those things to improve. I almost (almost) look forward to Sunday evenings, now. It's my chance to slow down and take a good look at my current situation. After a solid goal-setting session, I feel reenergized and excited to wake up in the morning and get working on accomplishing my goals for the week. 

This was a great week. My candidates are doing well and I seemed to have figured out an attractive messaging campaign that is allowing me to find more qualified candidates quicker and more efficiently. I feel like I'm making progress on my other goals and passion projects: an online course on career development, traveling/going on more trips, blogging, working out (kind of), and staying in better contact with family and friends. The weather has been cooler, so that's always a plus (why is talking about the weather always interesting when it's so predictable?!). And Hannah and I are going back to Utah soon for a family reunion (of sorts). 

Some other things I'm enjoying, reading, and thinking about:

Book I'm reading: Collapse: How Societies Choose To Fail Or Succeed. I totally nerded out with this read. Jared Diamond, on the one hand, writes with such conviction because everything is so well researched, but on the other, is very open-minded and approaches topics with multiple audiences in mind. So fascinating and really makes you think about the environment in a different light. 

Purchase I'm enjoyingAllbirds. If you haven't heard of Allbirds, yet, check them out. They not only make the most comfortable shoe, but their mission and branding are equally as impressive. 

New thing I'm trying:  In regards to goal-setting, focusing on the 'top-of-the-funnel' activities, i.e. the things I can control. Like prospecting activities, blogging every day, working out x number of times/week, hours spent reading, etc. With repeated consitent effort, the results take care of themselves.