Week 33 '18 reflection

One of the more important discussions I had this week was with a candidate who was trying to decide between something meaningful and something expedient. The expedient choice, at least on the surface, seems like the obvious one. It's the easy answer. The one that pays more. The one with a flashy office and trendy perks. But it also lacks meaning, impact. It means being a cog in the machine in exchange for a logo on a resume. The meaningful choice requires more commitment, more responsibility, more passion; and success isn't merely measured on the size of the paycheck alone, but also through the radius of influence. 

I believe there are times and places for going either direction in our lives. For me, I prefer choosing something impactful over something practical. But, then again, when I have kids, a mortgage, and other commitments, that might change. 

Which do you choose? Why?

Some other random thoughts and things from this week:

- Summer is coming to an end and Hannah and I have realized that we kind of become home-bodies during the summer. We order in, explore different neighborhoods on the weekends, and that's about it. But when fall hits or spring comes around, that's when we do our fun trips, travel, and branch out. I don't know why that is. Maybe it's because we both get cranky in the heat...

- I think I love recruiting so much because it is more marketing than it is sales. It's about funnels, campaigns, storytelling, networking, and influence. Some people will still call this 'sales,' to which I say: semantics.

- Last thought, recruiting isn't about getting people jobs. It's about finding the right people for the companies for which you are recruiting. It's about understanding the needs of your client, then going out and delivering on your promise—at which point you become a direct marketer (convincing someone to do something they didn't know was an option in the first place). That being said, if you are talented, have relevant experience, communicate well and are passionate, I can get you a job. But, as a recruiter, if you aren't those things, there really isn't much I can do. Which is why I'm creating what I'm creating: courses, books, blog posts, a podcast all about landing your dream job, developing your skills, interviewing, resume building, finding your ideal career path, etc. So stay tuned. I've come full circle with what I want to do with my website and I think I've found a nice niche that combines both my love for recruiting and passion for career development. Here's my initial thought: when I'm working with a candidate and they need help with interview tactics, tips, tricks, I merely direct them toward one of my courses (which, of course, I'll offer for free if they work with me). The same goes for other things like getting promoted to Account Executive, leaving a lasting impression, or writing the perfect resume. Finally, my passion project is in line with what I do for my day job, now it's time to get to work.