This is my life!

There comes a point where you kind of just have to realize “this is my life, now.” I know that sounds super depressing, but I don’t mean it that way. Let me explain:

For the past few…years, it feels like, I’ve been setting goals like crazy. I had a five year goal, then aggressive annual goals, then quarterly goals and monthly goals and weekly goals and daily goals. I had goals for my goals! It got out of hand. I literally had a spreadsheet to keep track of my goals spreadsheet. Furthermore, I was never fully satisfied—at work, at home, in school, etc. I was always looking for the next step in my life. I always wanted more. Whatever good was happening in my life, I couldn’t see it because I had goals that told me I was supposed to be doing so much more.

This comes down to something I’ve written about a lot over the years, the difference between being content and being complacent. It’s good to look ahead, but it’s better to feel happy with where things are and look for ways to improve.

As soon as I accepted that I like where things are (even if I still feel like I can do better) and that this was my life, things clicked for me. There was a switch in attitude. I leaned into my work, into my church responsibilities, into my relationships. I went all in on the life I currently have, not for the one I might have in the future.

The funny thing here is that things have opened up for me. Things that I had previously set goals to accomplish. The point is, focus on the present. Give it your all, one day at a time. In fact, stop setting long-term goals. Have a vision of who you want to become, sure. But focus instead on your system for getting there.