Week 28 '18 reflection


Every week, I take some time out of my Sunday evening to reflect. Specifically, I look back at my week and consider what I've accomplished and what I've learned. It's something I've come to love and look forward to each week. It doesn't take a ton of time—at the very least it's an effective way to combat the Sunday scaries. At it's best, however, it allows me to refocus my attitude to prepare for a successful week ahead and reevaluate my approach so that I can reflect on the things I'm grateful for and tweak the things I need to work on. This habit of looking back at my week and reflecting on everything that has happened helps me put things in perspective. There are all kinds of things that happen throughout a given week, both big and small. It's easy to overthink some things and not treat other things with a greater sense of urgency. 

Some weeks, more things happen than others. For me, this was my first week at a new job. Not a ton of surprises but first impressions are that I'm going to really enjoy this. Not sure if it is like this everywhere else in the world of recruiting, but the people here (my co-workers and now friends) take a ton of pride in what they do. It's such a collaborative environment and the culture feels much like a well-functioning sales floor.

I have learned so much about recruiting. The thing I'm most happy about is that my day-to-day routine is really similar to how the rest of my sales career has been. It's a lot of time-blocking, organizing notes (on candidates and clients), phone calls, meetings, sourcing, collaborating, etc. The thing I'm most excited about is what I'm selling. As a recruiter, I have the opportunity to sell opportunities. And I love that I can meet someone and immediately be able to help them with something in regard to their career. 

Looking ahead to my schedule next week, it feels good to again have a booked calendar. It feels even better to be doing things that align with my career and personal goals. Not to mention the incredible chance to make a difference doing something I love.