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No. 348 / Week 27 '18 reflection

I'll start off this weekly reflection with a quote:

We either make ourselves miserable, or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same.
— Carlos Castaneda

As I get ready to start my new job tomorrow and kickstart my new career as a recruiter and career coach, I'm reminded that it will be hard work. But as I reflect on the times in my life when I shied away from work, I recall always feeling tired and unmotivated. I would much rather feel tired and driven. However, something interesting happens when we work hard; our energy seems to compound upon itself. The days I wake up early, write my blog post, get a workout in, do some meditation and reading all before 8:30 am are the days I feel most energized and motivated. I also fall asleep way faster. That's the advantage of going into the office every day. You have something structured to hold you accountable. It's harder to do that when you work from home. I personally think I'm healthier and happier when I go into the office each day. I meet people. I'm more motivated. I get more done...I'm certainly looking forward to getting back into that routine. 

On another note, the Sunday scaries are real! The way I have learned to deal with them is through goal-setting. There's nothing like reviewing previous goals and setting new ones for the coming week and (in this case) quarter to get you going. At least it gets me going. Seriously, nothing motivates me more than a good goal-setting session. 

So next time you're feeling the Sunday angst, try taking some time to reflect upon your previous week (or 90-days) and create an action plan for the next week and, if necessary, quarter.