Week 26 '18 reflection


It's not often you get the chance to just veg. So when those chances come, take advantage of them while you can.

I don't start my new job for another week so I'm doing all of the exploring I can of the city while I still have the chance. Cruising around the city on my bike, checking out different neighborhoods, trying new foods, is still one of my favorite parts about living in New York City. I've had the chance to see some really beautiful things and meet some incredible people. 

On Saturday, I went to Brooklyn Bridge park and played basketball by myself. Shooting hoops has always been somewhat therapeutic for me. I get in this rhythm and become so involved in the moment that I'm able to just cancel everything else out. With every made shot I start feeling better and better about my life situation, with every miss, I feel motivated to tweak some things so that I make my next one. 

It's so important we have these kinds of hobbies in our lives. Something we can go to that helps us put things in perspective. I have a few hobbies that do that for me, I've mentioned riding my bike and playing basketball, but traveling does that for me, too—as does writing or watching the sun set. 

I get the chance to do more of these things this coming week. But I am also so looking forward to starting work in a week.