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No. 663 / Week 20 '19

Oh, the joy of waiting in lines.

You know, it’s not the worst. I waited in a few lines over the weekend with Hannah and it was actually a great opportunity to enjoy some quality conversations. We also met some really great people who were also enduring the standing and waiting. Lucky me, this next weekend will be full of waiting in even longer lines!

Another cool thing happened this week. Someone whom I hardly know mentioned to me that they were on the job search and kept referring to my blog for tips and tricks. Made me realize that even if one person gets value out of what I do, that would be enough. Also stressed the importance to start compiling and formatting my content in digestible mediums like ebooks and courses. That being said, I switched gears a little bit and stopped working on my SDR course and started work on a Linkedin course that I think will provide more initial value. Quicker. I’m also really loving my day job which is something I haven’t felt for quite some time. Maybe it’s because I have the freedom to develop and iterate on our hiring process. Or maybe it’s because I’m not stressed about bringing in revenue!