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No. 299 / Week 20 '18 reflection

New York City is the most interesting city in the world. I'm not sure if I'm ready to call it the greatest city in the world, though. Most people I talk to either love it or hate it here. That's why I call it interesting. It will tear you down and make you feel like the loneliest person on earth and then the next day it will make you feel unstoppable. 

New York City is a city of contrasts. That's what makes it so interesting. That's why you can find everything here and experience every kind of emotion. Even the parks. In any other city the parks would be lovely, but in New York, they are something remarkable. What makes them remarkable is, of course, the people and the beauty, but also the contrast to the rest of the bustling concrete jungle. 

This about describes my week, a week of contrasting emotions. I am working with a number of companies now, trying to build my network from zero and with that comes many ups and downs. But I wouldn't trade these expereinces for anything.