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No. 649 / Week 18 '19 reflection

I’ve been thinking a lot about work this past week. What it’s purpose is and how it can either significantly add to life or make it miserable. I thought about people I’ve met and read about whom I look up to and how they viewed work. For many of them, there was no such thing as this concept of work/life balance. There was just life. And work was part of it. The ones that got fulfillment out of work, weren’t necessarily workaholics, either, but rather found value in the work they did. 

What I’m getting at is that with all the communication tools we have now and advancements in technology, why are we working longer hours and have less time to live life than any other generation before us? Why do we love work? Maybe ‘love’ is the wrong word. Why do we wear ‘I’m busy’ like some badge of honor? 

I now look at goals differently. Sure, there are lots of things I want to do. Well, maybe the better way to put that is that I have a vision of the type of person I want to become and kind of life I want to live. But now, I focus more on my system rather than the goals. I used to get so excited to set goals. I would read them and re-read them to the point that it felt like I had already accomplished many of them. I found this took away from me actually executing on the goals. Now, I just book my calendar with events that I know will contribute to the type of life I want to live. I book my workouts in, when I meditate, when I write and work on passion projects, when I travel, reminders to eat at home and buy groceries (to save money), and the list goes on. My calendar looks booked now, looks crazy, but it’s not. I even schedule down time, chill time. It 1) keeps me disciplined and 2) helps me focus on whatever it is that matters most at the moment. 

We have been led to believe that ‘winning at all costs’ or ‘profitable at all costs’ is the goal. It’s not. It doesn’t have to be. There are other ways to do things and more conducive environments to do them in.