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No. 530 / One goal

My next blog post is going to be about setting one goal a year. And I mean it. This year I am going to set one goal and one goal only. Now, once you see what that goal is you may call it 20-30 goals, but just wait and hear me out.

I’m also taking an in-depth look at my website. I’ll be making some changes to things. I want it to have more, give more, and become a more immersive experience. Right now, I’m just highlighting my blog, but now I want my blog to highlight my other offerings.

Speaking of change and offerings. This year I’m not looking to make any major changes, but rather, small incremental changes that will (hopefully) lead to great results. I’m speaking of finally finishing those projects I’ve only talked about finishing. I’m also talking about becoming a more dedicated creature of habit—good habits.

I might pick up running, too.