Waiting in line

When is waiting in line ever worth it? One would argue, never. But for some, lines are a great opportunity to slow down, get to know someone, and observe. 

Take Salt and Straw - a trendy ice cream shop in Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles - there is always a line. Even when it's cold and raining, people will still wait 45 minutes in weather that doesn't make you want to scream for ice cream just for a scoop of one of Salt and Straw's unique flavors. The wait and the experience must make it worth it. 

It's worth it, sure, because the ice cream is incredible (if you're into that sort of thing), but also because of the experience of waiting in line. You are welcome to take as much time as you need. Take a sample of every flavor if you want. In fact, it's even encouraged to keep trying flavors until you are satisfied and confident in your decision. No rush. And people are willing to wait for you because they know being next in line means they can take their time and enjoy the experience too. 

Having a line is a good problem to have. How you manage that line will either make or break your business. By the same token, how you wait in line will either make or break your experience. It goes both ways. Both are choices.