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No. 27 / Two Toxic Things

Two thoughts on our drive to Idaho:

1. Driving to and from work is awful. It sucks your soul and drains your creativity. Take public transportation, ride your bike, or walk if you can before you drive. If you must drive, make the best of it by listening to podcasts (I recommend EOFIRE or The Tim Ferris Show) or listen to audiobooks. 

2. Avoid meetings at all costs. They are detrimental to productivity and employee satisfaction. They usually are more about abstract concepts than real results and, therefore, nothing ever feels accomplished. Real learning rarely takes place in meetings and even with a well-defined agenda, they can drift into other discussions that can detract from the focus of what jobs need to be done. 

Sometimes we overcomplicate things. Hire the right people. Trust them to work hard and do their jobs well.

Let us remember to avoid these two toxic things as we enter the new week.

Happy Monday everyone!