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No. 690 / Thoughts on improving a culture

When if comes to improving the culture of an organization, I think it starts and ends with transparency.

Why is that important? Well, in a word: Accountability 

What does creating a culture of accountability give us? 

  • Buy-in (to the company, to the projects, to our managers, and to each other)

  • Realistic deadlines

  • Engagement

  • Unsiloed work (aka - progressive collaboration)

  • Better results

—and you can’t create a culture of accountability without empowering people with facts. 


  • Open communication: Clear about timelines and stick to them - no more moving them forward or pushing them back. Doing so affects clients and employees and only adds straws to the camel’s back. 

  • Transparency around hiring: How many can the firm hire (we’ll get to revenue transparency in a bit)? What’s our current pipeline look like? How high of a priority is it? Can we get regular updates? Can we also please get some more diversity up in here? Especially at a leadership level. Why has it taken a year to fill leadership roles and other positions? 

  • Administration: Things like payroll are getting dropped and the CEO wearing every hat possible is creating too many bottlenecks to the point where nothing gets done. No basic processes like on-boarding. 

  • Project management consistency: Everything is mission critical and burnout has not only been an issue to our high turnover but will continue to be on if this isn’t fixed - and hiring is expensive. We miss deadlines not because we aren’t productive, but because we lack resources. 

  • Career Development: We want to know what our career path looks like here. How do we know if we are doing a good job? What are our metics? What if we consistently hit them? Would we get a raise? How much? How often? What are we doing to keep people? Having a fully stocked kitchen and having activities isn’t going to keep people. 

  • Business Development: Promising things we aren’t capable of or don’t have the bandwidth for. Brining on clients that are out of our scope or cost more money than are worth bringing on. And there aren’t any checks or balances around this like at most companies to ensure the clients we acquire are in line with our business model.

  • Business Model: Where are we headed? How are we doing in terms of getting there? Are we profitable? What’s the plan to see revenue increase? 

When it comes down to it, it’s about the people. People feel like they are replaceable, and that’s bad. It’s bad employer branding which trickles down to future hiring and our ability to acquire customers. Show that you care and employees will give you tenfold returns on your investment.