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No. 394 / The sport of information

Where the tiniest head start means the difference between winning and losing. Where every match is played in overtime. Where everyone is in a scoot to gather as much information as possible, but few have managed to figure out how to use it, let alone present it to people who desperately need it. 

Information, therefore, has turned into a sport. It's all about the flashy headlines, clickbait, and real-time updates. There is more information out there than we could possibly ever comprehend, so we turn to 'the house of information highlights' for our information needs. 

Forever learning but never getting closer to real insight.

You're going to miss the game-winning update. You might find out a day late that Apple dropped a trillion on everyone else. There may come a time when you catch yourself asking "who's that?" This doesn't make you ignorant. It means that you're 'selectively ignorant.' It doesn't make you uninformed, it means you're using the information to your advantage by looking at it as a resource rather than as a sport.

Be okay with missing out. Take joy in it, even. #jomo. You'll find yourself less tied down by dogma and more empowered to think for yourself.