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No. 10 / The real reason people aren't buying from you

It turns out, some questions are better than others. If you're wondering why people aren't buying what you're selling, maybe it's because you're asking yourself the wrong questions. Here are some examples of weak questions:

  • Do I have enough subscribers?

  • Is my price too high? Too low?

  • Should I spend more on advertising?

  • Do we have enough sales reps?

  • Is my website optimized?

At some point, those will become valid questions, but not until people actually want to buy from you. And, it is very likely that people aren't buying from you, because they don't trust you. Therefore, isn't the most important question you can ask: "do people trust me?" If people are following you, but not buying, it's probably due to a lack of trust, so start there. 

Then let's worry about keeping those promises and developing your value proposition.