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No. 653 / The rational and logical

Or the magical and interesting? 

The Celtics were magical last year. The team rallied together when its two stars went down with injuries. They were, by far, the most entertaining group of basketball players to watch. They threw away their games plans, got rid of advanced analytics, and just played harder than everyone else. 

This year, they overanalyzed things. The pieces were there to make a historic run but they came up short. In fact, underwhelming is an overstatement. There was zero chemistry, no one could make a shot, and they were sloppy on just about every possession. 

Doing the logical things makes sense. It’s…logical, after all. But logical is also predictable. It’s sometimes boring. What if, instead, you do something surprising? If becoming irresistible (meaning: alluring, enticing, attractive, captivating) is the pursuit, then why not do things you would want to see or do? It’s not about creating the optimal product at the most optimized price point, it’s about creating a memorable experience. 

What I’m saying here is that spreadsheets don’t always paint the full picture. Sure, you might end up with a rational plan but, again, the rational isn’t what creates energy, or memories, or magic!