The modern workplace


Work to live? 

Or live to work? 

The modern workplace is what you make of it. There are some industries that demand more than others but the terms are still dictated by you. Your attitude is the difference.

Also, purpose and intent matter. If you show me two people who work at McDonald's, both making minimum wage, but one plans to open up McDonald's franchises when she grows up and the other is just working there so he can buy more video games, I don't have to tell you which one will be the more engaged worker. 

Just like you dress for the job you want, establish habits and make decisions based on the career you want. It's your mindset that matters. 

There is a huge difference between getting a job and CHOOSING a job. The modern workplace is made possible by things like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Do your research. You're going to be spending hours upon hours with these people. Where you work determines what you learn and partially who you become. You have so much more power than you think. Trust that the right opportunity is out there. 

Your time is valuable. Not every product, service, experience, client, or JOB is worth your time, attention, or love. Be picky. You deserve that much. And the modern workplace landscape allows for it. But more importantly, be the kind of person that companies would kill to hire. The pickiness goes both ways.