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No. 658 / The intangibles

When you’re looking to hire people and you say you want the intangibles, what do you mean? It’s not enough to merely mention ‘I’ll know it when I see it,’ and it’ certainly not sufficient to base your decisions on hard skills alone - especially when dealing with revenue generating roles. 

The ‘intangibles,’ by definition, are vague and difficult to define. They are, however, priceless and separate the great from the good. Although the ROI of these intangibles is challenging to calculate, they will always have the biggest impact. 

Take time to attempt to define your intangibles. What do you look for in candidates? 

Here are a few I find interesting:

Curiosity - How much research did you do? How thought-out are your questions? What have you read recently? What is something you’re intellectually passionate about? 

Generosity - People remember what you did for them when you didn’t have to. How have you contributed?

Meticulosity - Sticking with the ‘osity’ theme - Do you measure twice, cut once? When you do make an error, how do you respond? Because therein lies a huge opportunity to deliver an intangible.