The discovery—driven mindset

For years, retailers learned that people loved to shop the day after Thanksgiving. The anticipation to buy gifts and things reached it’s pinnacle that day. So they would pull out all the stops, offer their biggest deals of the year, prepare and build something people would flock to. And people indeed came. 

But then Walmart started to extend it’s Black Friday deals to the evening before. Then the internet came along. Then Amazon (in it’s quest to conquer the world) decided to offer deals all week. Other retailers tried to follow suit, but there comes a point when the whole “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” strategy just won’t measure up. 

Just like you can’t “out-Warriors the Golden State Warriors,” you can’t “out-Amazon,” Amazon. It’s difficult to beat someone that good and that powerful at their own game. 

In this game, the only thing that will allow you to compete is having a discovery-driven mindset. Keep your eyes open to the unexpected opportunities. There are still various ways out there to disrupt, influence, and create an impactful experience. Just because you have a plan, doesn’t mean you should stick to it. That’s how the malls died—they underestimated the consumer. 

Create a plan. Learn. Adapt. Continually innovate your experience. Analyze what you have to work with. Set a new plan. 

Happy shopping.