The cost of opportunity lost


Clearly, the stuff you miss has a cost.

Opportunity cost is the reason why FOMO (fear of missing out) has become such a powerful tool in today's digital marketing landscape. One marketer after another is out to prove that whatever opportunity you're currently interested in, it's worth missing as long as you pick theirs.  

Miss the party, the sale starts at midnight. 
Take the job, you have the rest of your life to start a business.
Keep grasping at straws—there's a better one out there.
Act fast, there's only a limited supply.

Perfect is the enemy of profits. Just because something doesn't cost money, doesn't mean the opportunity cost isn't just as real or even more valuable.

There is a price to saying no. 
There is a price to saying yes. 

Everyone will keep pulling you in conflicting directions until you figure out for yourself what your time is worth. The time you don't spend learning what matters to you will end up being the greatest opportunity loss of all. 

Now that's opportunity cost.