The best parting piece of advice I've heard

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So often, at the end of interviews, we hear the host ask the guest if they have any parting piece of guidance or advice for the listeners. We've all heard some great nuggets of knowledge; things like "follow your dreams, do what you love, stay hungry, stay humble, etc." These, along with a plethora of other parting words, are, no doubt, motivational and well-intended, but are typically forgotten the next day unless internalized in some other way. 

That is what makes the parting piece of advice I heard on a podcast episode the other day so unique. It's quite possibly the best parting piece of guidance or advice I've heard, and certainly my favorite. 

It is this:

Write a thank you note to someone, tomorrow.
— Seth Godin


It's brilliant, isn't it? Simple, but powerful. It's something you can actually do and make into a habit. Writing a thank you note is an actionable step toward achieving your goals, winning friends and influencing people. It doesn't matter what form this thank you note comes in (although physical notes are rare and can be more impactful), what does matter is that you've spent the time to think of someone else. When you are thinking of someone else, you are helping them become more successful. When you help others become more successful, you, in turn, become more successful. 

So keep following your dreams, keep working hard, keep doing what you love, but, more importantly, keep helping others do the same.