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No. 557 / Temporary decisions

We overcomplicate things. Most of the decisions we make are temporary. This blog post will only be seen by a handful of people, no one will care what shoes I wear today, my new landing page will probably change in a week.

Things aren’t as mission-critical as we make them out to be. There are lots of areas in our lives where we need to stop acting as though every little decision we make matters as much as the big ones we make. The words I choose to use in my book aren’t as important as the words I say to my wife. The decision to subscribe to NYtimes Crossword, isn’t comparable to renewing our lease.

Moving to a new city? By all means, take your time, gather data and make a more calculated decision. Need to drive more traffic to your website? Don’t take one more second thinking about this one—try new things, make mistakes, learn what works and what doesn’t.