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No. 716 / Take notes


If you want the job, now is not the time to pretend like you have a super memory.

Take notes.

It’s a lot like a typical sales cycle. You’re given valuable information during your initial conversations (the discovery) that you can use later on in the ‘deal.’ Then, there will be times when you are given feedback—there’s no better opportunity than this to display your ability to recall instructions and prove coachability.

Beyond it legitimately helping you remember valuable information for other moments in the interview process, taking notes also, simply, helps you stand out. Because, as hard as it is to believe, hardly anyone does it anymore.

For your next interview, take out a pen and notepad or open up your notes app and let the interviewers know of your intentions to take notes. I’ll promise you one thing, it won’t worsen your chances of getting the job, that’s for sure.