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No. 12 / Step one: show up

This has, and will always be, the first step to doing work that matters. Whatever it means for you to show up, make sure you are doing it on a regular basis. If instead, you are spending your time napping, watching Netflix, or dreaming about what could be, you are not solving interesting problems. It is in the struggle where we create meaningful work. It is only after we have tried and failed time and time again that we can make a difference. And that only happens when we are present, working. 

Of course, it goes both ways. Know when to work and know when to play. 

For me, I use iCal to time-block my day. That way at any given moment I know exactly what I should be doing or working on. I also use a good-old-fashioned leather journal throughout the day. I start the day with a focus and create a plan so that at the end of the day I'll know what a successful day will have looked like. 

If you are interested in how I use my journal along side my calendar to structure, not only my days but also to set and accomplish goals, email me, I'd love to collaborate on some ideas.