Staying relevant


The idea of staying relevant isn't a matter of always conforming to how new systems change. It doesn't require you to be an early adopter of new trends and technologies, either. It simply means being closely connected to what is being done or considered. Simple, not easy. 

The master writer will pick up techniques from the classic greats, but combine her passions in order to write something original. The brilliant chef will prepare a traditional meal with a modern twist. The gifted chess player studies past champions to prepare her mind for what might come next. What I'm saying here is you must know what the general shape of the box looks like in order to think outside it. Or, put another way, you need to know the rules before you can break them. 

That is what it means to stay relevant. Honor the past. Stand on the shoulders of giants to get you where you need to go, then add your special flair to the mix. What is your 'one thing?' Whatever it is, you can always make it better by studying the greats before you. But you make it yours by trying things they would have never imagined.