Some words that get a bad rap


The English language has a lot of them:

  • Curiosity
  • Yes
  • Relax (chill)
  • Obsessive

Yes, let’s talk about ‘obsessive.’

If someone calls you obsessed, you might be tempted to take it as an insult. But, chances are, you’re probably doing something right. You’re, most likely, doing a lot right.

In the words of a certain sports journalist (and a number of other people): “obsessive is the difference between great and legendary.

Most people who call themselves “professional” do the bare minimum. But the reality is, if you’re doing the bare minimum, you’re still performing like an amateur.

Not everyone can become legendary. There are only a select few who have done it in their respective industries. But, if you’re interested, it takes a level of commitment others aren’t willing to strive for. It takes being obsessive.